Name: Marti Going
Graduation Date: December 2014
Major: Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism
Company: Fox 25 News


Name: Valerie Blackstock
Degree: Journalism and Broadcasting (News Editorial) 
Year of graduation: 2007 
Company: Blackstock Law, PLLC




Name: Emilie Hechtner
Degree: Strategic Communications
Year of graduation: December 2013
Company: Water4



Name: William Ross
Degree: Strategic Communication
Year of graduation: 2017
Company: University of Memphis School of Law



Name: Raya Greenbaum
Degree: Journalism and Broadcasting
Year of graduation: 2011
Company: Best Friends Animal Society 



Name: Abby Fox
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Broadcasting (Public Relations)
Year of graduation: 2008
Company: The OSU Foundation


Name: Kelli Grashel
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sports Media and Strategic Communications
Year of graduation:  2014
Company: University of Wisconsin



Name: Jason Collington
Degree: Bachelor of Science in News Editorial Journalism
Year of graduation: 1998
Company: Tulsa World