Name: Hannah Kafer
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Sports Media
Graduation: May 2014
Company: Peace Corps


Hannah, an Oklahoma native, has left the country.


Hannah Kafer graduated in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in strategic communications. After graduation, she moved to San Francisco, California, to pursue an internship with MSLGROUP, a public relations network of companies specializing in strategic communications and media relations.

After living in California for a little over a year, Hannah headed back to Oklahoma to get married. She continued her career with MSLGROUP from Oklahoma and was later promoted to account executive. Although Hannah was thriving in her career, she was longing for an adventure.

Just recently, Hannah has been given the opportunity to live in South Africa for two years to become an education trainee for the Peace Corps. She will be teaching English, and her husband will be tagging along with a primary focus on math education. Through her studies at OSU, she has gained many skills that have allowed her to get this opportunity.

"The most beneficial skill I took with me from college is my writing," Hannah said. "Specifically, AP style, which helped people in the company notice me as a good writer."

While spending many hours in the Paul Miller Building learning those skills, Hannah's fondest memory was her Advanced PR Writing class where she created a nonprofit organization.

"I got to create the name, come up with what it did, design a logo and then write articles about it," Hannah said. "I really enjoyed that project. Some advice Hannah has for current students is to get an internship as soon as possible.

"There are some skills that you learn when you are actually out in the industry, which is why internships are important," Hannah said.

Hannah's advice for graduating seniors is to not be discouraged if the perfect job does not come right away.

"There are so many opportunities for us because companies are constantly needing people to do communications for them," Hannah said. "Just get the experience under your belt and be positive."

Hannah would like to come back to Oklahoma State to attend graduate school one day because of the special place this university holds in her heart.