Name: Nick Woodruff
Degree: Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism and a Master’s degree in Mass Communications
Year of graduation: 2012 and 2015
Company: University of California Berkeley School of Law


Name: Amanda (Sebring) Hamlett
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Sports Media
Graduation: May 2016
Company: CBS Sports Network


Name: Marti Going
Graduation Date: December 2014
Major: Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism
Company: Fox 25 News



Name: Nicole Morgan
Degree: Journalism and Broadcasting with an emphasis in Public Relations
Graduation Date: 2006
Resolute PR


Name: Rachel Benbrook
Degree: Strategic Communication
Year of graduation: 2013
Company: OSU Foundation



Name: Robert Allen
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in News Editorial Journalism
Graduation year: 2006
Employer: Detroit Free Press



Name: Meredith Lindaman
Degree: Journalism & Broadcasting
Graduation Date: 2005
Company: Steidley Neal


Name: Chris Matthews
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection and Safety Technology; Master's in Mass Communication and Media Managemen;. Bachelor's in Public Relations.
Year of graduation: May of 2004, December of 2010 and May of 2013
Company: FPS Technologies.