OSU AdClub opens doors for students

 AdClub has a reputation on campus. It's one of the biggest, best, most organized student-run organizations.

AdClub has been on the Oklahoma State University campus for more than 40 years.

The American Advertising Federation oversees the student chapter by providing guidelines and networking opportunities for members to connect with the industry.

Dr. Jami Fullerton, AdClub adviser, has been with SMSC since 1996. She has seen the advantage AdClub provides its members.

“The main purpose of AdClub is to interact with professionals and learn how an agency operates,” Dr. Fullerton said. “Being involved in your professional organization is very important. The organization helps you grow, connect with others in the field and improve your skills.”

While the club focuses on students' future careers, it also builds their confidence in organizations by providing leadership roles.

Lucky Coffey, strategic communications senior and AdClub president, has benefited directly from being a part of AdClub.

“I hope by leading I can inspire people to do many good things for their future,” Coffey said. “AdClub has something for everyone, even if you are not interested in a career in advertising. We go on agency tours, host portfolio workshops and networking events with AAF.”

Members have opportunities to participate in competitions such as the Creative Lightning Awards and the American Advertising Awards. Students can showcase their creative work and potentially win national recognition. AdClub also awards one $1,000 scholarship for an outstanding student each year.

“Seeing where the students go after they graduate and have successful jobs makes me proud,” Fullerton said. “They are so organized and clever. They make you proud every day.”

AdClub is more than something to put on a resume. It is a group that builds connections and prepares students for the real world.